Last week I wrote about the compact convenience of Ruger’s LCP II pocket guns – both the .380 and .22 calibers. Both make for great lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-conceal carry guns. 

However, the magazine of the LCP II .380 only holds 6 rounds and for some folks, that’s not quite enough. If you’re one of those folks then I have good news – Ruger recently launched the LCP Max – a slightly larger, but only 1 ounce heavier, version of the LCP II .380 that holds 10 rounds in the magazine. 

I shot a new LCP Max at my home range recently and found it to be a more enjoyable shooting experience than the LCP II models. While convenient, the LCP II pocket guns aren’t necessarily a lot of fun to shoot, given the smaller frames that can make it harder to achieve a truly comfortable grip. 

The larger frame of the Max alleviates that problem by offering just a slighter larger frame that somehow doesn’t add noticeable weight or bulk. The Max weighs 10.6 ounces, has an overall length of 5.17 inches, is less than an inch wide, and the magazine holds 10 rounds.

If 10 rounds still aren’t enough, Ruger offers 12-round magazines that also slightly extend the grip to make for an even more comfortable grip. 

Like the LCP II, the LCP Max employs Ruger’s trademarked “Secure Action” fire-control system and grants the shooter a nice, short, and smooth trigger pull. Unlike the LCP II, the Max offers a reversible magazine release for lefties which is always nice. 

The LCP Max also fits most existing LCP II holsters, saving you from having to spend money on brand new holsters. 

To summarize, if you’re a fan of the LCP II but would prefer a few more rounds in the magazine and a slightly larger frame for a better grip, then check out Ruger’s new LCP Max. It might be the compact carry gun you’ve been looking for. 

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Robert Taylor (DAV)
Robert Taylor (DAV)
8 months ago

I suspect each and every person who responds to these type news reports are listed in the national watch list. I am a disabled Vet with a Sniper/instructor military record. I know that I was in there but at the age of 83 I doubt they still check on me and others like me. Have a great day and stay safe.

Lenny Vaudo
Lenny Vaudo
8 months ago

Mr Taylor rather have you beside me or cover my butt when these fools start something I’m 75 nobody looking for me either but locked and loaded in case my retirement start get messed up

Bemused Berserker
Bemused Berserker
7 months ago

At 61, disabled and in declining health with an end that promises to be protracted, painful and humiliating, a shower of gunfire sounds kinder. But I’m with you and to hell with them. This isn’t the government I worked for anymore.

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