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While a federal judge initially sided with the Citizens Defense League on a major 2A case in Connecticut, a 3 judge panel has overturned this decision on a technicality, and gun grabbers are celebrating. 

At the very onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Connecticut governor Ned Lamont had fingerprinting services shut down and this, in turn, meant that no one in the state could become a gun owner for the first time. Under the state’s current laws you need to obtain a pistol permit or a certificate of eligibility in order to obtain firearms. These permits can not be obtained until you submit your fingerprints to the state, because this process was shot down by governor Lamont no one was able to become a new gun owner in the state. 

The Citizens Defense League (CDL) stepped up to the plate and sued the state over this unconstitutional attack on the 2A rights of its residents. A federal judge sided with the CDL on this issue and this meant that executive action by Lamont was overturned. A 3 judge panel has now ruled against CDL, shutting down the process once again. Fortunately, the only reason that the 3 judge panel has sided with the state on this issue is because of a technicality. 

The 3 judge panel made no comment about the legality of Lamonts actions but instead ruled that the lawsuit was mooted by the fact that local officials and the governor have already announced an end to the practice and fingerprinting was allowed to resume. The court ruled that another fingerprinting halt was so unlikely the injunction no longer needed to remain in place. 

This by no means is a win for 2A but that does not mean that the gun grabbers get to celebrate. For the residents of Connecticut, this is a win because they can get back to buying guns, but the issue of fingerprinting still persists in the state. 

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1 month ago

OK, now will all FELONS just send in your prints so it will be easier for us to know who you might be. NO PERMITS NEEDED, just send them in

1 month ago

Felons are people convicted of a felony that reside in a cage. EX felons are people who supposedly have been rehabilitated and have been let back out into society. For an EXfelon to be denied unalienable right to a tool for SELF DEFENSE is a violation of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. PERIOD.

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