Is this real life? You will not believe what Chipman said this time. Johnny B is here for more hot takes, and boy are these ones spicy!


Johnny B speaks on his love of our Republic, Conservative Values, and spicy meme, on his popular YouTube channel, Johnny B. Holding a Master’s Degree in Professional Communication and a Doctorate in Education, Johnny is an active political commentator, comedian, professor, and film critic.

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1 month ago

Every natural disaster , the covid crap, we all seen what happens when sheep sudenly find out their government can’t provide for them ? Fights over Toilet paper ??? Really ??? Well , I being one of those people who prepares ahead , none of that crap had any efect on me at all ! LOL so who is really the crazy idiot ? the person who takes their own security & future into their own hands ? or the TOOL who blindly follows the blind ?


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