Photo of a Pistol Brace from SB Tactical

Update: You can now submit a public comment. 

Is your firearm a Short Barrel Rifle(SBR) or a pistol? Newly released guidelines by the ATF mean that you may soon be in possession of an illegal firearm.

The new guidelines proposed by the DOJ have a scoring system and if your firearm’s pistol brace scores too high in some categories it will be considered a stock, thus making what was previously considered a pistol an SBR.

The following are the scoring sheets provided by the ATF:

The new rule has no grandfather clause, if your firearm is now an SBR it would be advised that you file the proper paperwork and pay the fee regardless of how you feel about this new rule. Owning an SBR without the proper paperwork will result in prison time and massive fines, you could also turn it over to the government.

While this new rule is only a proposal it is likely that the Biden Administration, which is loaded with anti-2A advocates, will force this rule through. That being said citizens will be able to express their concerns over the new rule during the 90-day period for public comment, we will inform our readers when this period starts so stay tuned!

Click here if you want to leave a public comment. Comments that are vulgar or comments that disregard the topic completely will not be considered. Leaving a comment here might not prevent this rule change from going through but it might in fact help 2A groups later down the line if this goes through and they challenge it in court.

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