AR-15 Ban? Assault Weapon Definition? Johnny B breaks down the David Chipman hearing in a must see special!


Johnny B speaks on his love of our Republic, Conservative Values, and spicy meme, on his popular YouTube channel, Johnny B. Holding a Master’s Degree in Professional Communication and a Doctorate in Education, Johnny is an active political commentator, comedian, professor, and film critic.

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3 months ago

Hmmmm, I have No Idea whom this CLOWN is, but he is welcome to come Ask….that big red Nose would make a hell of a dent in the door slammed in his face…. and yeah I would send out the weapons eventually…. after I Unloaded them…. One Bullet at a Time…. I doubt any State Employee’s would help him though…. seems to me that became Illegal recently….
and after a couple thousand rounds through that pistol it would be Very Hot…. and a few hundred rounds through those revolvers they too might be a tad warm…. You See A lot of us Ranchers and Farmers have been collecting Ammo for weapons we already had since that Koch sucker Oblamer took possession of that United Nations Treaty, that didn’t pass congress….

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