Spüt Targets On Range / Photo From Spüt

Target shooting is great, both experienced shooters and new enthusiasts do it. The major issue with target shooting is the lack of feedback you get right after shooting, when shooting steel you hear that sweet noise but when target shooting you don’t get that. These new targets from Spüt change that.

Spüt Targets Lined Up / Photo From Spüt

These targets from Spüt release a powder after being shot, different sections of the target are filled with different colored powder meaning that you will know exactly where you hit after taking the shot. These targets are designed with a honeycomb inside so one-shot will not fully deplete the targets of powder.  The targets come with a metal frame so you can stand them up at the range.

Inside of Spüt Target / Photo From Spüt

You can order these from Spüt’s website here.  You can get 4 targets for $30, a fantastic deal if you are looking to try these out before stocking up.

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