The Altor Pistol. Photo From Altor's official website

The firearms industry has always been one of the most creative industries in the modern world, and while some innovative creations are cause for celebration and can be deemed revolutionary, other creations leave enthusiasts disgusted and asking the question “why would anyone make this?” The Altor falls in the middle of this dichotomy.

The Altor pistol was created by the Altor Corporation and is an extremely lightweight single-shot 9mm handgun.

The Altor handgun with the barrel removed. Screenshot from the official Altor YouTube

The product brochure for the Altor describes the pistol as being of unmatched simplicity, the handgun only features 6 parts and only two of those parts need to be cleaned regularly.

The pistol is made of firearms-grade polymer and stainless steel. This pistol is sturdy and reliable, it probably won’t break on you, and even if it does the pistol comes in at the low price of $105. This price just isn’t beatable when it comes to getting any gun.

The issue for many when it comes to the Altor is its practicality. This is not a practical option for self-defense or home defense, you would have to be an amazing shot to trust your life or the lives of your loved ones with one round. The Altor is an interesting novelty item you can take to the range have some fun.

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