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Big Tech has had it out for firearms-related content for a long time. On YouTube almost every video about guns is manually reviewed by a real person, Facebook and Instagram routinely delete gun-related content, and Twitter shadowbans popular gun accounts.

The latest individual to get hit by big tech is Yehuda Remer. Remer is a Second Amendment advocate who goes by “The Pew Pew Jew,” and he recently wrote a book called the 10 Little Gun Grabbers. Remer’s book is meant to be a tongue and cheek dissection of the current climate on gun control and the Second Amendment.

The issue for Remer is that he is unable to get the word out about his book and apparel. Social media has become a major advertising tool for those who have something to sell, these platforms are essential for spreading the word about new products and releases. Unfortunately for Remer, he can not even notify members of his own audience about these new products let alone other users who may not be familiar with him but are interested in the topic of the Second Amendment.

Screenshot from Facebook

Facebook has repeatedly claimed that Remer has violated the community guidelines about advertising guns on their platform, however, Remer does not sell guns. Remer is trying to sell his book, his other products include things like the “tactical kippah”, T-shirts with his branding, and coffee mugs.

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