The LUPO from Benelli. Screenshot from YouTube

Benelli has for a long time been known for their shotguns, but now the company is bringing a bolt-action rifle to the market.

The LUPO bolt-action centerfire rifle is the latest innovation brought forward from Benelli. The company aims to bring high class italian craftsmanship to the rifle market just as it has brought to the shotgun market for decades.

Photo from Benelli’s official Website

The LUPO features advanced ergonomics and adjustability. 

One of the truly unique features of the LUPO is the ability to adjust drop, cast and trigger reach with included shims. Shooters can achieve a customized fit out of the box without the need for expensive gunsmithing. Shims allow the stock to be set in one of 36 different positions. Optional fit choices include two raised cheek pad styles and one optional length butt pad. Great fit equals better control…and increased accuracy.

Accuracy is another key feature of the LUPO. The gun was built for accuracy and the key to their design is the crio-treated free-floating barrel that is attached to a hardened steel barrel extension bedded to a steel block in the alloy receiver. This design results in sub-MOA accuracy with every shot.

Photo from Benelli’s official Website

One of the most fascinating aspects of this gun is its recoil reduction system. 

The LUPO tames recoil felt of big-game calibers with a patented, built-in Progressive Comfort system and Combtech cheek pad. Modified from Benelli’s proven Progressive Comfort system used on shotguns, the system is engineered with sets of interlacing fingers that flex, absorbing much of the recoil before it reaches the shoulder. Decreased recoil, less muzzle flip and less anticipated recoil by the shooter result in a greater ability to stay accurately on target.

The LUPO also comes in a variety of calibers, this ensures that any hunter can pick one of these up and already be stocked up on ammunition for the next hunt.

Caliber Barrel Length Overall Length Weight Hand-Dominance Twist Rate Magazine Capacity MSRP
30-06 22″ 44.625″ 7 lbs Right Handed 1 in 11″ 5 $1,699
.300 Win Mag 24″ 44.625″ 7.1 lbs Right Handed 1 in 11″ 4 $1,699
270 22″ 44.625″ 7 lbs Right Handed 1 in 10″ 5 $1,699
6.5 Creedmoor 24″ 46.225″ 7.1 lbs Right Handed 1 in 8″ 5 $1,699
.308 Winchester 22″ 46.225″ 6.9 lbs Right Handed 1 in 11″ 5 $1,699
.243 Winchester 22″ 46.225″ 6.9 lbs Right Handed 1 in 9″ 5 $1,699


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