Photo from the official KelTec website

KelTec has recently released the P50, a 50-round handgun chambered in 5.7x28mm, to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Caliber: 5.7 x 28mm

Weight Unloaded: 3.2lbs

Magazine Capacity: 50

Overall Length: 15″

Barrel Length: 9.6″

Height: 6.7″

Width: 2″

Trigger Pull: 5lbs

The semi-automatic p50 pistol is like no other pistol on the market, it has a capacity of 50+1, comes with picatinny-style rails, an ambidextrous safety, and is chambered in 5.7x28mm.

Photo from the official KelTec website

The capacity of this gun is what immediately catches the eye, the 50-rounds in a handgun an incredible feat. This was accomplished by using magazines similar to the p90, rounds are stacked horizontally in a clear magazine that runs the length of the gun. KelTec includes two of these magazines with the gun.

Photo from the official KelTec website

The gun’s overall weight is 3.2lbs which makes it great for carrying on a sling or in a bag. Considering the P50 has an ammo capacity of 50+1, this is an incredibly lightweight pistol.

The P50 may be one of the most unique pistols out there, its strange design is sure to grab the attention of anyone who catches a glimpse of it and its capacity is sure to prove entertaining at the range.

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Big Dave
Big Dave
7 months ago

what an incredibly ugly and unyieldy looking gun.The cartridge might be fun for shooting rabbits and wood chucks. Does it come with a shoulder stock to make it managable at 5 pounds plus with a full magazine? But if I wanted that kind of capacity I would try to find a Calico in 22 long rifle that I could afford ammo for.
Just my thoughts from the pictures.

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