Photo from European American Armory Corp

European American Armory Corp. has released a new shotgun, the Akkar Churchill 220 Optic Tactical, and it is perfect for home defense.

Photo from European American Armory Corp

Caliber: 20GA

Overall Length: 37.5″

Weight: 5lbs

Capacity:  5+1

The shotgun is an upgraded version of the original semi-automatic Churchill 20GA that is now designed with home defense in mind. The optics rail has been machined for easy target acquisition, the loading port has been semi-enhanced giving the user a faster reload,  the shotgun now features a pistol grip stock, and it will come with a red dot sight.

Photo from European American Armory Corp

The new design also includes a shorter barrel and breach choke. The breach choke will allow for users to break glass if the scenario calls for it. EAA opted for the shorter barrel due to its superior maneuvering capabilities in tight spaces such as hallways and doorframes.

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Pissed Off American
Pissed Off American
1 year ago

I would rather have a pump than a semiauto. When hunting birds as a kid we used reloads and my father had a semiauto. He was always saying he could out shoot me. I had a pump, both 12 gage. The reloads were paper case back then and would swell a little from reloading or weather. They would sometime jam the semiauto, In my pump, I could feel them starting to resist and just pull harder and they would go right in. At the end of the day I had more birds than him even if he claimed he was a better shot. You can’t eat Bragging Rights. He finally sold the semiauto and went back to a pump.

I found out by accident one day that if you held the trigger in fired position, when the next round loaded and the locks clicked in, the gun would fire. After that I could crank rounds through it as fast as the semiauto and still not jam. Don’t know if it was meant to work that way, but I liked it. Another of same make and model wouldn’t do it. But there were twenty+ years difference between them.

If it fails to feed in a self defense situation you may be dead. “Cut Shells” won’t feed in semiauto as they might in a pump. Nothing else it’s easier to single hand feed them in a pump. Also I don’t need all the fancy sights either as shotgun work is usually close up in visual range. Be nice for night use. No batteries, not much to break on iron sights. Align, point and click. Buckshot does the rest.

Why a 20 gage? I assume for women and littler men? I think too many people get tangled up in all the fancy addons or don’t think they can do anything with out them. I use the K.I.S.S. system, KEEP IT SIMPLE, and STUPID. Makes things cheaper, more reliable, simpler to repair. If you don’t come out alive it wasn’t worth all the hype.


1 year ago

with my arthritis and bursitis I can’t handle the recoil of a twelve gauge. A twenty would be nice but all I can afford right now is a 22.

1 year ago
Reply to  Goyaathle

22’s are great, that’s the gun assassins used most often

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