A new Wyoming law is set to protect those in the firearms industry from banks and payment processors.

On April 8th Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed House Bill 236 into law, this bill will limit financial institutions’ ability to deny services to members of the firearms industry.

For a long time payment processors and financial institutions have been able to discriminate against the firearms industry. PayPal for instance has routinely shut down firearm related educational content despite that content being inline with their terms of service.

House Bill 236 reads:

AN ACT relating to banks, banking and finance; prohibiting financial institutions from discriminating against firearms businesses; specifying civil remedies; providing for attorneys fees and costs for a successful action; providing a statute of limitations on civil actions; providing for potential loss of state business to a financial institution found to have violated this act; and providing for an effective date.

The law also allows those affected by this discrimination to retaliate and seek civil action against any financial institution that takes part in said discrimination.

From Bearing Arms: 

Laws like these need to be replicated throughout the land. Since the federal government has done little to offer up the proper protections to industry members from being discriminated against, freedom oriented states are stepping up to the plate and swinging for civil rights. How Operation Chokepoint has not been subject to a RICO level scrutiny escapes me, as well as the continued chill since the formal dissolution of the program. The fact of the matter is these practices are illegal, as they are creating different classes of people and businesses, refusing to serve “those people”.

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