The ATF’s New York office sent out a photo via twitter that many see as an insult towards gun owners, the contents of the tweet? A stuffed dog.

The ATF has become notorious over its treatment of animals, particularly dogs, while sending agents to peoples homes. This is why so many were offended by the imagery used in the tweet.

From Bearing Arms: 

What I have a problem with is them outright mocking the people whose pets they killed with this. It would be bad enough if the toy had been in the store all on its own, but no, they used it in their marketing materials. How else can anyone see this other than as mockery?

The truth is that the ATF doesn’t feel any need to maintain a respectful relationship with the community it polices. Especially now that Dave Chipman has been chosen to helm the agency. There are enough photos of him mugging it up with the aftermath of Waco to suggest not only is he unlikely to curb this kind of behavior, but may well encourage it.

The irony is that the ATF could have opted to work with the gun community. They could have taken a cooperative approach with gun owners from the start and maybe gotten more support in finding any bad apples that were around.

Instead, it’s an agency of arrogance that believes it’s above the American people.

The ATF is no stranger to controversy when it comes to social media, just last month the tweeted about national puppy day and that was meet with a lot of unpleasant responses.

A recent incident involving an ATF agent and a dog was in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, here an off-duty ATF agent shot a mans 8-month old puppy at an open field by a middle school.

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