Democrats are continuing with the Obama-era Smart Gun policy that was never successful, the new legislation would require every firearm to have Smart Gun technology.

What is a Smart Gun?

A Smart Gun is a firearm that is generally locked with some form of authorized-user technology, this may be a fingerprint scanner  or passcode. These firearms would be inoperable until they are unlocked with a fingerprint, PIN code, or some signal is sent to the firearm. Traditionally these measures have failed and were easily bypassed by people with little understanding of the technology.


Smart guns, typically employing some sort of authorized-user technology like a fingerprint or passcode to unlock a firearm, are not a new concept. Perennially “just a couple years away” for over two decades, few attempts have made it to commercialization. One, the $1,200 German-made Armatix iP1, was introduced in 2014 but failed to make headway on the market. The .22 LR pistol, which required an RFID-equipped wristwatch to be able to fire, could allegedly be hacked with a $15 magnet and jammed with radio waves.

This has left a bad taste in the collective mouths of gun owners who are reluctant to trust such unproven technology. A survey published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2019 found that 70 percent of gun owners surveyed would have a concern about whether the tech would work when needed and only 5 percent would be very likely to buy such a firearm if it added significantly to the gun’s price.

Considering the historical failure of this technology the new bill that would mandate an upgrade on every firearm in America is likely to fail.

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