A new bill in Utah is going to give citizens of the state the option to bar themselves from obtaining a firearm. The law seems a little bizarre and not one that anyone is happy with.

The bill will allow an individual to put themselves on a  temporary list that will bar them from obtaining a firearm for a limited period of time. You would not be able to put someone else on the list, instead, you are expected to put yourself on this list if you are having some sort of mental health episode.

More from Desert News: 

SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah lawmaker wants to allow people experiencing a crisis to sign up for a list that would bar them from buying a gun from a retail store for a limited period of time.

Bill sponsor Rep. Steve Eliason, R-Sandy, emphasized HB267 is not a so-called “red-flag law,” a type of law that allows close family members to request law enforcement to remove guns from those considered at-risk.

He sees the bill instead impacting, for example, someone discharged from the hospital after a suicide attempt.

Many are looking at this new bill as a weak attempt at gun control, a do-nothing bill that will not be used in any manner but instead will be marked as a win for the gun control crowd.



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