M1 Garand / Photo by Jack Shepherd

Several days ago Missouri started to move to block gun control coming from the now Democrat controlled Congress and White House, now Alabama is joining them.

From Al.com:

A former police chief who represents a Mobile County district in the Alabama House is sponsoring a bill intended to block state and local authorities from enforcing any new gun control laws passed by Congress or gun regulations ordered by the president.

Rep. Shane Stringer said his bill, the “Alabama Firearms Protection Act,” is meant to protect Alabamians from any loss of their rights to have guns.

“Despite the fact that our nation was built upon the promise of the Second Amendment, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are determined to attack our fundamental gun rights and erode our ability to own various firearms,” Stringer said in a press release. “The Alabama Firearms Protection Act will ensure that state and local law enforcement resources cannot be used to enforce any gun control laws or executive orders that might be enacted on the federal level.”

The bill applies to federal laws or regulations passed after Jan. 1, 2021. Those would include regulations on ownership, use and possession of guns, ammunition, and accessories such as magazines, telescopic and laser sights, flash or sound suppressors, folding or aftermarket stocks and grips, speedloaders, ammunition carriers, and lights for target illumination.

This new strategy for combating federal gun regulation may turn out to be successful as Democrat states were able to avoid federal laws in order to get “sanctuary cities” where local law enforcement was unable to contact ICE after apprehending an illegal immigrant. The Biden administration has promised gun control and many in Congress are ready to push that agenda, measures like these will help keep the second amendment alive.

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