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NRA Leadership is facing major pushback from donors during its ongoing bankruptcy and relocation.

David Dell’Aquila, who is one of the NRA’s largest donors, is leading a coalition that is trying to oust the current leadership at the NRA. LaPierre is one of many under fire for allegations of improper spending and has become the primary target of David Dell’Aquila. Dell’Aquila is looking to remove the current leadership and replace them with a Bankruptcy Trustee. More from The Washington Free Beacon:

David Dell’Aquila, who is leading a class-action suit over accusations of financial impropriety, told the Washington Free Beacon he will request a court-appointed trustee to temporarily oversee operations.

“We’re going to definitely do a motion for a trustee,” Dell’Aquila said. “I would not be surprised if the majority of the other creditors don’t join or do a similar thing.”

The NRA filed for bankruptcy in January in a bid to relocate from New York—which is trying to dissolve the group—to Texas. Officials say that the NRA is financially solvent and the court filings are meant to ease the move. The bankruptcy, however, is not without risks. The court could appoint a trustee with the power to displace the current board and leadership of the NRA, including longtime CEO Wayne LaPierre. The court-appointed official would enjoy broad power during bankruptcy proceedings. He would be required to act in the best interests of the group’s creditors and could pursue claims that NRA leaders misused millions of dollars of the group’s money on their own personal expenses.

“It’s in everybody’s best interest to get a trustee in there, certainly from the creditors’ point of view, and, I would argue, even for the five million members because every dime that they waste in frivolous litigation is a dime less that could go to the core mission,” Dell’Aquila said. 

Allegations over improper spending at the NRA have been going on for years and while the NRA has claimed that these issues have been resolved, Dell’Aquila argues that these issues have not been solved and that in order for the issue to be resolved the leadership at the NRA needs to be ousted.

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