A Modern 1911 / Photo via Jack Shepherd

A new bill being proposed in Tennessee would allow citizens to both open and conceal carry firearms without a permit. If this were to pass it would be a major win for the 2nd amendment. More from WJHl:

“The constitution does not say that you have to pay money for a permit to have permission to carry a firearm,” said House Bill 0018 sponsor, state Rep. Scotty Campbell (R-Mountain City). “What this does is allows you under the Constitution to carry your firearm just as the founding fathers intended.”

If the bill passes, those who currently can’t own a firearm still won’t be able to.

“We’re going to leave the current permitting process in place so it’s easy for you to continue to travel and not have to worry in many other states that accept Tennessee’s permit without a problem, without question, and without incident,” Campbell said. “This allows residents of Tennessee to carry a firearm in accordance with the constitution…and frankly that should be the law already.”

J.C. Harrison owns ‘Cover Your Six Customs’ in Johnson City and is a former handgun course trainer. He says no matter the law, training is key when it comes to handling a gun.

A major benefit for those living outside the state would be a path forward on more local legislation across the country. legislation that is extremely pro-2A is hard to pass in Congress, especially now, doing these things on the local level is the best way under the current circumstances to get things through.

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