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“Ghost Guns” are firearms with out serial numbers, these are general obtained by creating the firearm yourself.


“Ghost Guns” are back in the news because Maryland lawmakers are looking to stop the sale and transfer of the firearms at the local and state level. The lawmakers are taking aim at those looking to manufacture and sell these weapons by barring the sale and manufacture in the “presence of a minor”. More from Washington’s Top News:

Montgomery County Council Vice President Gabe Albornoz is introducing county legislation that would regulate ghost guns — barring anyone from transferring ownership of a ghost gun to a minor and barring the manufacture of a ghost gun in the presence of a minor.


The bill would also prohibit the sale, transfer, manufacture or possession of ghost guns “within 100 yards of a place of public assembly,” such as a school, church or community center.


The firearms would also face new restrictions under a bill proposed by Del. Lesley Lopez, who said it is not a ban. Lopez represents Montgomery County.


Manufacturing firearms for personal use is legal, Lopez said.

The future for the second Amendment is constantly changing, every time some new advance comes along and pushes the boundaries legislators are quick to come in shake things up.

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