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Gun Sales are skyrocketing as the Biden administration brings new threats of gun control. Democrats have promised a wide range of gun control legislation that promises to curb gun violence and Republicans are likely to push back against anything that comes through. More on the potential shortages gun stores face from WBNS: 

According to an industry report, there has been a 60% increase in gun sales nationwide in the last year.

Eric Delbert, the owner of L.E.P.D in Columbus, says before the pandemic, they would sell about 10 guns on a busy day.

In the past few months, they say they’ve had days in the last few months where they sell 150 in a day. The increase in sales is leading to gun shortages.

Delbert says firearms sales increased as the pandemic hit. Then there was an increase in crime and civil unrest. Add in supply issues because of the pandemic, and it has left shelves that were full a year ago, almost empty now.

Sales are up and there are many reasons for it, its never a bad idea to own a firearm but as restriction sink in its getting harder and harder. Along with firearms, Ammo is getting harder to find as popular rounds getting picked up by those looking to stock up.

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