A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) raid against Nevada gun build kit provider Polymer80 seemingly underscores a significant policy shift in anticipation of a presumptive Biden administration.

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Despite the legal right of countless millions in this country to utilize 80% lowers to build customized firearms, the ATF raid indicates escalating harassment and enforcement against this pro-Second Amendment industry. 

Per The Truth About Guns:

It’s important to remember that, while the 80% market is definitively legal by the ATFs own decision making, administrations and policymakers realize there is latitude to make examples of our industry. Despite P80 being our competitor, we have immense respect for their company and tremendous sympathy for what they are dealing with today. They are patriots who focus on making fantastic products. They were first to market with the 80% Glock category, which in turn, makes them a target. Just as we are the leader in the 80% AR space, we too know that we are a target.

This is the opening salvo in a new war against the 80% market and likely a pretense to rescinding all 80% letters in the near future under a Biden administration. While the revocation may occur, we believe strongly that this action would be illegal and we are prepared to vigorously fight for the continued existence of 80% lowers.

80% Arms is currently the only 80% manufacturer fighting in court to prevent further regulation from taking place. When you support us, you are directly supporting our legal fight in both the California v. ATF and New York v. ATF are lawsuits that will determine the future legality of the 80% lowers nationwide.

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It’s important to understand what is at stake as these issues continue. Companies that make the 80% products we all enjoy employ teams of manufacturers, engineers, logistics professionals, and customer service representatives. In addition, through a complex web of domestic suppliers, we support thousands of families and businesses who are dedicated to protecting the second amendment. And of course, speaking selfishly, we like being here and serving you.

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